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Why Bluebird?

The bluebird’s cheerful disposition and remarkable hue have earned him a well-deserved place in our hearts.  No other bird is featured more in literature, art and music. The bluebird “carries the sky on his back,” so says Henry David Thoreau.  Jimmy Durante crooned that this happy little guy will make sure your “life is sweet, tender and complete.”  Just try humming a bar of "Zippity-Do-Dah" without picturing that silly cartoon bluebird flitting joyously about the big, wide grin of Louis Armstrong!

So why not this happy bird to ferry to Hutchinson our own independent bookstore?  For all the sentiments he's carried before, surely he can keep aloft our desire to learn, to explore, and to be transported by the written word.  And why not feather our community's nest with this bird's beautiful blue feathers?  There seems no better way to inspire us to grow and give back to our community.

Like the bluebird of happiness, I’m all a-flutter about Bluebird Books! Come read, explore and spread your wings and soar!