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Room Rental

Event Room Rental Policies

Privacy Required
If privacy is required and sliding doors are closed during the event, preventing customers access to inventory in the event room

•    $50 rental fee PLUS minimum food/bookstore purchase of $75
•    Select pastry or meal platters are available
•    Maximum of 2 hours

Privacy Not Required
Sliding doors are kept open during the event; customers may enter room and shop inventory

•    No rental fee
•    Minimum café and/or bookstore purchase of $75
•    Select pastry or meal platters are available
•    Maximum of 10 people and 1 hour

Room Rental for Private Storytime or Children's Themed Birthday
Includes private storytime for up to 20 kids, cupcake or cookie, juice, storytime craft and/or activities

•    $12 per child
•    Maximum of 1 hour

Room Rental After Normal Business Hours
Weekdays after 6 pm, Saturdays after 5 pm and all day Sunday 

•    $100 rental fee for first hour
•    $50/hour after the first hour
•    PLUS minimum food/bookstore purchase of $100
•    Minimum of 2 hours
•    Not to exceed 4 hours

*All event room rentals are for meeting space and social gatherings. Using the event space for sale of any goods or services that are not part of Bluebird Books Consignment Inventory is not permitted. For more information on selling locally made art at Bluebird Books, please ask about our Art Consignment policy.

For more information or to book a room rental, contact:
            Melanie Green