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Local Anthology

Submissions now open for the 2019 edition!


Call for Writers:

Bluebird Books is working to compile the 2019 edition of City of Salt: An anthology of essays, stories, and poems about Hutchinson and Reno County Kansas.

We believe the heart and soul of a place is in its stories.  We want to celebrate the culture present in the day to day life of our citizens and to elevate the stories that have been otherwise underrepresented in our community. What stories or myths about the start of our city has your family passed down? Tell us your family’s stories of farming, mining, or other trade work.  Recount a typical Sunday meal at your home or putting up corn. What did trips to the State Fair look like for you growing up? Where were you during the gas explosions? Have you ever witnessed a tornado or microburst.

Stories that speak to local culture, landmarks, and historic or current events will be given priority.

We’re looking for:

-Nonfiction personal essays between 300 and 1000 words, in other words- story telling.

-Reported/researched nonfiction pieces between 300 and 2000 words, or teach us all something we didn't know about Reno County Kansas.

-Poetry related to our area. 

-We may publish pieces over 2000 words if space allows. Get in touch if you have questions.

Have a story to share but not a writer? Get in touch! We’d love to help. We are interested in recording a limited number of oral histories for transcribing into the anthology.

We’d love to publish old photos that help tell the story of our community. Let us know if you have any!

Authors can submit multiple pieces. We will accept previously published pieces, but the author must include the original publication information and have the rights to the piece. Accepted submissions will likely be edited in coordination with the author.


To submit an entry, please:

Include author’s full name and contact information (phone, email, address and 3-4 sentence bio)

Indicate where the author lives/where “story” takes place and how it is connected to Reno County.

Use “SUBMISSION” as the subject line

Submit all entries and questions to:

Submissions are due by August 1, 2019.


SPONSORS:  Interested in underwriting or sponsoring this book? Email us with subject line SPONSOR






2018 Edition:


“A love letter to our City of Salt,”

And so begins City of Salt, an Anthology of Place, our place, Hutchinson.  City of Salt is a collection of stories, spanning nearly a century, set in and around Hutch that we hope begin to tell just a piece of the story of living here.  Hutchinson has a way of drawing people back to itself, back to the center.  We hope that these stories do that for you also.