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The Bluebird Story

Every bird has a story and this one is no exception.  When my youngest child was born in 2002, I decided to stay home with the kids.  Blissful days ensued snuggling my newborn baby, doting my ornery toddler and chasing my superhero preschooler.  Mindful of the advice of so many wise parents before me to “enjoy every moment,” I tried - and did - just that.  My husband, a champion planner, told me to enjoy every moment but also to think about what comes next.  Perhaps, he said, even make a plan for when this bliss evolves into the next phase of my life.   But my planner husband is also a dreamer, and so I was set to the task of capturing my dreams as well. He came home one day with a little blue book called “The Dream Manager.”  I was to read the book and make a list of my dreams.  If I could do anything, what would it be?  More days of baby bliss, toddler kisses and chasing caped crusaders passed.  But the idea of a dream hung on.  Then one day, like a bird out of the clear blue sky it came to me ~It’s a bookstore!

Years of growing kids and lives and loved ones changing and the flip-side of the enjoy-every-moment mantra becomes life is short.  What if I wait too long and my window of opportunity closes? I have been inspired by so many - my extraordinary children, my dreamer husband, my bookish besties, my loyal friends, my enduring family, my impassioned community.  What if my dream now could inspire each of you?  It would be to the benefit of my family, my friends, my community.  Of course! It is a bookstore!

And so after 10 years of dreaming and one year of solid planning, on November 15, 2012, Bluebird Books hatched in downtown Hutchinson. My little bookstore was embraced by the community immediately and I have been blessed by the support of loyal customers, staff, and locals ever since. But the story doesn't end there! I always knew I wanted to include a cafe in my bookstore and in late 2014, that opportunity became available when the space to the south of Bluebird opened up. Walls were punched through and a small kitchen added. A more generous cafe seating space and event room came to be and in November 2015 the Bluebird Cafe opened inside Bluebird Books.

The bluebird is a symbol of cheerfulness, happiness and prosperity.  No other bird is referenced more in literature, art and culture.  Emily Dickinson wrote that “hope is the thing with feathers,” and Henry David Thoreau claimed that “the bluebird carries the sky on his back.”  So the marriage of my bookstore dream and the bluebird is imperative.

My hope is that Bluebird Books will become for you a place where you can feel at home, be inspired, embrace hopefulness, experience happiness  ... and most of all dream.