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Anita's Picks

Posted Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062338204
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Walden Pond Press - May 2nd, 2017

By the author of Ms. Bixby's Last Day. That alone was enough to make me want to read the book. I was not dissapointed. Frost (Nicknamed for the poet, not the snowman) narrates the two weeks of eighth grade when cell were banned, Post-it notes proliferated, bullying increased, and he and his friends navigated shifted alliances and a friend who was a girl. 

Miss You Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062460226
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Harper - April 4th, 2017

They both like art. Both vacationed in Florence, then were slated to start university back in England. His brother died in a skiing accident; her mother had cancer. They (almost) run into each other multiple times, but don't meet until... when? This well-written novel about loss and life captured my attention from the first page. 

What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky: Stories Cover Image
ISBN: 9780735211025
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Riverhead Books - April 4th, 2017

These short stories will stick with me for months (years?). Well-written... varied... true to the way things too often are. What the stories have in common: ties to both the U.S. and Nigeria, and a perspective on life very different from my own. 

The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13 Cover Image
ISBN: 9780316464628
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers - June 6th, 2017

Caution: If you give this book to a child, you might not hear anything- except giggles- from that child for an hour! My book-loving third-grade son loved this book. It would also be great for kids who don't like to read. The chapters are short: one of them is only two sentences! And it's OK to read chapters in any order. Or to skip to the one that's in French. What would you do if you won $1,037,037.04? Buy NASA? Rent Mount Rushmore? Hide the money someplace so safe you never find it again? This book is funny and engaging. 

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper Cover Image
ISBN: 9780778319801
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Mira Books - January 31st, 2017

I like Arthur Pepper. My heart hurts for him. For 40+ years, he and Miriam had been each other's world. Now, a year after his wife's death, a solitary Arthur still keeps the routine they had during their marriage. Then while going through Miriam's clothes, Arthur finds an unfamiliar charm bracelet. A phone call to a number on one of the charms starts a chain of discoveries about his wife's life before he met her. Arthur ventures outside the world of the comfortable... and in in the process, he breathes life into old relationships and forms new ones.

If I Forget You Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250072788
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Thomas Dunne Books - June 14th, 2016

I like the writing style. I like the characters, for the most part- though I'm not sure I like all the decisions they make. Henry is a poet who grew up in a working-class neighborhood and was only able to attend college because of his baseball ability. Margot comes from a wealthy family, and attends Bannister College because it is expected of her. This book moves back and forth between 2012, when Henry and Margot reconnect, adn 1991, when they first meet. I enjoyed gradually getting to know the characters and finding out about their lives so far. Now I wonder where things will go from here.

Full Disclosure Cover Image
ISBN: 9780764210891
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Bethany House Publishers - October 2nd, 2012

Ann silver has stumbled into a high-profie murder case, and she doesn't want it. FBI special agent Paul Falcon is glad for something that might shed light on 30 murders... and he is intrigued by the small-town sheriff who dropped the case in his lap. He learns that Ann isn't just a sherriff; she's also the Midwest Homocide Investigator, a published author, and a friend of the former Vice President who, with Ann's help, is writing the last volume of his autobiography. Just as fascinating as the plot twists in this novel were the contrasts between Ann, the most introverted person I've ever met, and Paul, the oldest son in a close-knit family taht runs multiple business enterprises. This book is hard to put down, even though I've read it before. It's a good introduction to Dee Henderson's works. 

Granted Cover Image
ISBN: 9780062643865
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Walden Pond Press - February 13th, 2018

I knew this author writes excellent realistic fiction... but a story of fairies granting wishes??? I like fairy stories, and this is a good one. Ophelia, on her first mission, must retrieve a nickel on which a wish was made- but navigating the world of humans isn't easy when you're less than a foot tall and can't allow yourself to be seen...

At Home in Mitford Cover Image
ISBN: 9780140254488
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Viking - February 1st, 1996

Some of my favorite fictional characters are Episcopal priests. Father Tim is one of them. I love the small-town atmosphere of Mitford, the attraction of the new next-door neighbor, the varied cast of memorable characters. Jan Karon’s Mitford books are among those I periodically reread. And this book is where it all started.

The War That Saved My Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9780147510488
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Puffin Books - May 31st, 2016

When 10-year- old Ada and her younger brother Jamie leave London for the country to escape German air raids, it’s Ada’s first taste of life without her abusive mother who confined Ada to their one-room apartment. Can Ada ever trust an adult? This book’s many honors are  well-deserved. Loved it!

Alphabet Adventure Cover Image
By Bruce Wood (Illustrator), Audrey Wood
ISBN: 9780439080699
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Blue Sky Press - August 1st, 2001

This book ranks even higher than Chicka Chicka Boom Boom for my alphabet-loving son … and that’s saying something!  The little letters are learning proper alphabet order.  Then Little i loses her dot, and all the little letters carry out an elaborate plan to help her find it.  (Your special young person doesn’t have to know this book is educational!)